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Culture Connect

Creating Cohesive Community in Organizations

The Point has developed Culture Connect to provide companies a cultural enhancement solution connecting the dots in your existing model and adding the missing pieces


The Focus 

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The employees' mind power is the driving force behind any organization. Naturally, by giving the brain attention via exercise, growth and nourishment the muscle will perform better and so will your organization. Your team needs resources, programing, and encouragement to explore their mind. 


Research has proven how important it is to maintain healthy bodies, especially for employees who work at a computer all day. This health focused initiative improves productivity, lowers sick days, and improves overall happiness. This is of course easier said than done, and we recognize how much it has been "said." However, it is not as easy as a weight loss competition or a fit bit watch. Nutrition, training resources, and leadership play a vital role in achieving body balance. 


We are only as strong as our weakest link. In a team mindset, people are encouraged to work together to find solutions, achieve goals, and keep each other accountable. Teams are different so it's important to offer different avenues for your team to come together and ongoing events to keep the comradery in-tact. 

You’re already doing some programs? Great! Are you doing enough? 

Get a full audit of your current workforce to identify cultural strengths and weaknesses.

Who is owning and managing your cultural improvement?

Receive program management support throughout, saving your staff time to focus on their jobs. 

Are your programs cohesive?

Connect the dots of the different initiatives to make sure they are all in sync and identify the missing links. 

Do you have a roadmap? 

Who is making sure your programs all work together? Are you doing enough? Are your programs cohesive? Are people participating? 


Culture Importance

Culture is among the primary levers in maintaining organizational viability and effectiveness.  Learn why this is important and how it can effect your business and bottom line.

Current Trends

Discover the newest trends in culture and corporate wellness. Review other successful organizations' case studies as well as use hands on group activities.

The Shift

Get insight into the progression of office infrastructure, from the traditional cubicle setup in the 1960’s to the modern day open concepts and the type of workforces accompanying those shifts.

Case Study

Reveal results from a pre-session survey and see how you can start implementing change immediately.


Finding the Problem

Deep dive with your executive team to uncover culture challenges

Collaborative Strategy

A 4-Step sketch and storyboard, development seminar helping reframe challenges as opportunities

Culture Roadmap

Organize and help your executive team vote on the direction of your culture

Implementation Support

Giving you the tools and providing you support to implement solutions

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Some studies (such as SHRM) predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average. For a manager making $40,000 a year, that’s $20,000 to $30,000 in recruiting and training expenses.

Meet the team: 

Cultural Ideation  

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F. Mark Modzelewski

After years of founding, funding and managing leading start-ups in the US and Europe, Mark and his dog Sunny have returned to California to help head operations at Treeline, an innovation consulting and development agency that works with leading global corporations, start-ups and incubates venture backed spinouts.

Mark has an eclectic and distinguished career at the junction of technology, policy and entrepreneurship, focused on taking companies and products from concept to launch to exponential growth. He has co-founded five venture backed companies, with three successful exits including Lux Research, 349Q and Leonardo Biosystems. Mark also helped to launch beacon industry leader Estimote, going on to serve as COO. Mark has also served as an advisor to global corporations Apple, Daimler, Pixar, and GE: leading startups such as Namely, Pilot and ThredUP; as well as IoT newco’s NodeLab, Platform Science, Silvair, and Avimesa.

Mark also founded the NanoBusines Alliance, the Big Data Coalition and the Water Innovation Alliance which developed standards and raised billions in federal and corporate funding for advancing the development of these innovative technologies. He created the first university program for entrepreneurship in the arts with Creative Futures at Tufts-SMFA and taught courses on tech entrepreneurship at RPI. Mark has also been a mentor to Startup BootCamp IoT, Readwrite Labs, UCLA B-Ventures, and other leading incubators and accelerator programs in the US, Canada and Europe.

Mark is currently writing a book on transforming legacy corporation utilizing startup methods and tools. He writes regularly for Xconomy on the future of a ubiquitously connected world. Mark also had stints as CNBC technology commentator and co-host, advised former US Presidents and foreign leaders on technology policy.  He has also lectured on emerging technologies at WEF, Horasis, Milken Institute, EmTech, the US Senate and US House, and at numerous leading conferences, universities and corporations.

When he's not at the offices, he is an activist, strongman athlete, and conceptual artist whose work as appeared in numerous galleries and museums.


Culture Class 


Jamie Satchell

Jamie has 10+ years’ experience in Business Development, working with companies of all sizes and across a multitude of industries.  His approach to providing solutions to improve company culture started with his experience at and and was honed while creating and managing the Corporate Wellness division of VAVi Sport and Social Club.  

During his tenure, Jamie was able to impact and provide practical knowledge to over 300 businesses.  Jamie continues to consult on Corporate Culture in between speaking engagements for organizations like the San Diego HR Roundtable, HR Summit, and SD Unite.   


The Point

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Casey Fields 

Owner of The Point, offsite meeting venue. Logistical mastermind and cultural innovator. 

Casey's career started a professional non-profit events planner. However, after migrating to California her appreciation for San Diego’s beautiful weather and limitless outdoor opportunities inspired her to think bigger. Armed with the skills of executing multifaceted events and a passion for outdoor adventures she has established multiple businesses focused on improving work life balance; including Outdoor Fun San Diego, Sea Fields Creative and The Point.

By working personally with every size and type of organization across the globe, she has accrued a diverse understanding of what truly is the driving force of a company. By planning and coordinating corporate events for everyone from the sales floor to the C suite, she has first hand experience in creating successful programs for every type of corporation.