Getting to The Point

The Point is located at 1010 Santa Clara Place. It is nestled into a complex adjacent to the Mission Bay Sports Center. When pulling down Santa Clara, veer left at the fork where there will be a white sandwich board for The Point (toward the baseball diamond and tennis courts following the water). If you have gotten to the Aquatic center, turn back. Although you can park in that lot and walk if you’re in need of some jazzercise.

Some fun parking facts!

  • All lots are first come first serve city property

  • Option 1 is not an overnight lot

  • June / July / August from 9 am - 4pm are the most challenging times of year to find a space due to summer camp and beach goer congestion

  • There are 90 spots in option 1

  • There are 200 spots in option 2

  • The first parking meter in the world was installed in Oklahoma on July 16, 1935 at a rate of five cents per hour

Parking Map