Quarterly Goals Package

• 8 Hours Conference Room

• 4 off site days

Corporate Culture Package

• 72 Hours conference

• 8 off site days

Learning Extension Center

• From 12 to 50 off site days per year



Team Building Based

• 6 hours Conference room

• 3 offsite days

Long Weekend

• Intensive Leadership Academy

• 3 offsite days

Conference Room

Use the conference room to hold meetings, brainstorming sessions, host clients or to meet any other of your needs and a few more words to make this line wrap.

100% productivity


Change up an average day for an off-site adventure where you can conduct productive meetings and daily activity, paired with lawn games, water sports, and a connection with the outdoors

50% play / 50% productivity

Leadership Education*

Spend the day redefining what it means to “work.” Connect your company with team building activities  while encouraging creativity and personal growth.

20% play / 80% productivity

Corporate Retreat*

A day focused on team building, bring out the best in your employees, create bonds, stimulate new ideas, and build integrity all while connecting with the elements.

80% play / 20% productivity

* =  upgrade for additional fee

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