What to expect when you’re expecting an event at

The Point


So you’re having an event…

We put together this list frequently asked questions to help guide you in your journey. Please refer to your Contract for any specific event details as well as the Terms & Conditions for a greater explanation. It’s a bit long, but we want to make sure you have all the facts as it is your right!

  • Reservation Confirmation:

    • 50% deposit paid by check, cash or card (credit cards are subject to a 3.5% cc fee)

    • Reservations made with a check are still required to put a card on file for incidentals or time overages

    • A signature to the contract - The Point will countersign the agreement once all items on the contract are confirmed

  • Booked Event Questions - If you have more questions, it is best to either schedule some time for a call or email us your list. We aren’t always available via phone as we are also running the events.

  • Additional Site Visits- We wish we could see you all the time! However, we can arrange up to 1 additional site visit after you have booked your event. If you are interested in bringing by additional vendors or planners, please try and do so at this scheduled visit. No additional visits are guaranteed due to our small team’s availability.

  • Wifi - Network: The Point / Pass: creativemeetings

  • Event Portal - We use Triple Seat as our event booking platform. Please do your best to always reply to the previous email chain in an effort to keep all your info centralized. This is a live document so you can always view the most updated version of your event. You may download a pdf of this any time. Do not email us directly out of the email chain using the ”triple seat” email as those will not go through.

  • We are 100 % Green - We have no printer on site nor do we need a printed version of your contract. Everything is done digitally. Your event manager will countersign the document once all of your vendors are confirmed.

  • Revisions can still be made to the proposal after you book, confirm with your experience coordinator for the cutoff date for any changes to your Contract

  • Check in Form - Please have it completed ASAP and by the cutoff date advised by your event coordinator

  • The final balance  - Is due the week of your event. If you’d like to bring the final payment the day of your event please let us know in the form

  • Contract Updates - If there is 0 listed as the quantity on the contract, that item has not been contracted and is not included in your total but is an option to add to your event.

  • Gratuity - If you would like to add % gratuity to the contract it will pull based on the room rental total. You are welcome to add gratuity later or write in an amount. This is all optional and goes directly to The Point staff. 

  • Vendor Gratuities should be brought to the event separately and do not go through our contracts. If we sourced a vendor for you on your contract and you’re not sure if you should bring gratuity, just ask!

  • Parking - Our parking lot is free to use with 90 open spots, but please keep in mind that it is first come first serve city property. We are happy to help you come up with a parking plan for your group, especially in the busy summer months. It is not an overnight lot.

  • SETUP & BREAKDOWN TIME - The Point allots 1 hr outside of your contracted time for set up and break down to be used as you would like consecutive to your event. We recommend 30 mins for set up and 30 mins for break down, but please confirm with us how you decide to use your hour. Please consider you vendors setup and breakdown times in this as well. You may contract additional setup time outside of this, just ask for a rate!

  • Overage - The door will be locked prior to this agreed upon setup time and any events that go over the agreed upon time will be subject to an additional charge. Understand that we staff according to your event and have our own setup and breakdown time so anything that goes beyond this

  • Floor Plan - The Point will set to the agreed upon floor plan upon your arrival, including screens and furniture setup. So don’t worry about factoring that into your setup time.

  • Screens - Speaking of screens, for events in The Bay Room we use our high resolution flat screens to display images to enhance the look and feel of your event. If you do not provide images in your check in form, we will select some for you.

  • Have you been camping? Our policy with items brought in is similar. Please pack-in and pack-out any and all of your items with you that you brought in. This includes emptying the trash into the conveniently located dumpster in front of the building.  This does not apply if you have contracted trash service. Recycling does get sorted nightly so you can put all items here.

  • Guest Count - If your guest count greatly increases beyond what you have listed on your proposal, your rate is subject to increase. Please keep us updated as we will apply that fee to the final balance

  • Food trucks-  are permitted, but must be approved by The Point. Only one truck is permitted at a time and we must respect the parking rules of our city lot.

  • Alcohol - is permitted and as a reminder, liability falls on the purchaser of the alcohol. If you have over 100 guests, we require a certified bartender. 

  • Attire- Remember we are at the beach, don’t be afraid to encourage your guests to dress comfortably and leave the suit jackets at home. Summer gets hot, winter gets cold. We have heat and AC, but our space doesn’t get hotel banquet room temperatures as the exits aren’t completely sealed to take advantage of our beautiful San Diego natural environment. 

  • Bathrooms - We have a men’s and women’s restroom that we share with the Mission Bay Sports Center. The men’s has 1 stall and 2 urinals and the women’s have 2 stalls. On occasion, there may be recreational guests using the stalls as well. Should you want to add a higher end option we can coordinate this with one of our luxury restroom trailer partners. 

  • Loud music and sound may go until 10pm then must be contained indoors. 

  • Vendors- The Point needs to be informed and approve any outside vendors or large decor being brought in.

  • Trash - All items brought in must be taken out, including pulling the trash from the trash cans. There is a dumpster onsite that you may use to do so. The Point will provide one refill bag per trash can and after that amount please bring additional bags. If you have paid a specific “cleaning fee” your trash may be left in the provided receptacles. Recycling may be put in the dumpster and gets separated at the end of each night.

  • Kitchen - Our kitchen is not for client use. If you have a few small items to put in the fridge you may do so but this must be requested ahead of time. It is a standard sized home kitchen fridge. Vendors may have access to water in the kitchen but may not do all dishes in sink

  • Directions - The Point is located at 1010 Santa Clara Place. It is nestled into a complex adjacent to the Mission Bay Sports Center. When pulling down Santa Clara, veer left at the fork where there will be a white sandwich board from The Point (toward the baseball diamond and tennis courts following the water). If you have gotten to the Aquatic center, turn back. Although you can park in that lot and walk.

  • The Bay Room Entrance - is to the left of the Mission Bay Sports Center check in desk

  • The Tower Beach Club entrance - is either right through the double doors or an outdoor entrance, walking around to the RIGHT toward the water

  • Parking options - click HERE and directions to share with your guests!


Thank you!


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email your experience coordinator for a call and we will be happy to talk it over!