Fun Outdoor Corporate Team Building

Best Corporate Games To Get The Gang Going

Once you’ve picked the perfect venue for an off-site conference, now it’s time to hone in on a few activities that will help bring your event to the next level. When choosing corporate team building games, it’s a good idea to highlight the best features of the site while finding the right match for your specific personnel – a process that isn’t too daunting with a little creativity and the right venue. Here are a few of the types of workplace team building games that are known to inspire fun and productive corporate retreats.


Beach Olympics and trivia.

If you have access to a good beach area, beach Olympics can easily get the competitive juices flowing. For more athletically inclined groups that have some water access, a paddle-bike-race triathlon can be a fun way to get team members engaged while showing off the natural features of the venue and surrounding area. For some goofier fun, pit managers against other employees in horse races on giant bouncy balls, an activity that is guaranteed to inspire laughter form even the most serious team members.

You also shouldn’t hesitate to customize your beach Olympiad to fit the personality of your team, potentially taking in team input while choosing the events. As an extension of beach Olympics, or as a separate activity altogether, a dash of bar trivia and a happy hour can be the perfect way to wrap the day. For a personal touch, consider adding questions about the company that will put team members on the spot.

Custom scavenger hunt.

When you think of fun team building games for work, chances are that a scavenger hunt will be one of the first to surface. But there’s more to it then just sending your team members running around looking for clues, and it definitely doesn’t have to be some chaotic activity if that’s not the vibe you’re looking for. Scavenger hunts can be a great way to integrate the company’s goals or to make it relevant to your specific industry, allowing your team to have fun while still staying on track for your conference’s broader mission. If you put together a scavenger hunt, remember to showcase the local highlights and not take it too seriously.


Kickball and/or volleyball round robin and lawn game tournaments.

A ball, a radio, and a court or small field are the only things you need for classic team sports activities that are a surefire hit at an offsite conference. If you have space to do both kickball and volleyball, consider holding a round-robin tournament for a sporting afternoon that doesn’t require much skill or athleticism for a friendly game. For more competitive groups, have referees call the action and have mystery prizes awaiting the victor.

There is also a slew of other leisurely sports activities you might want to consider while you’re hunting for outdoor team building games. If you have a scenic spot, activities like bocce ball, cornhole, or horseshoes can be relaxing ways that encourage team bonding while tapping the scenic highlights of the venue. Overall, sports and games that have some built-in down time are excellent ways to organically increase the socialization of your team, especially for employees that aren’t that familiar with each other.

Augmented reality.

You don’t have to have a cutting-edge tech company to enjoy the endless arena of augmented reality, as there are all sorts of possibilities when it comes to the virtual world. You can fight crime as a superhero; team up with others to fight the zombie apocalypse; or delve into a wide range of different competitions that will pit team member against team member. Augmented reality may seem like a bridge too far for some employees, but VR games are very intuitive and can be a quick pathway to team engagement. With VR, there is nowhere you can’t go as a team.


Learn to sail regatta.

Whether your team is filled with boating enthusiasts or not, learning a new skill like sailing regatta can be tons of fun for the whole group. Not only will your team relish in the opportunity to get out onto the water but it’s also a great way to inspire teamwork and camaraderie. Though it might seem fancy to the novice, learning the basics of regatta is straightforward and anyone can turn into an enthusiast in just a single afternoon sailing the open seas. For those on the competitive side, team leaders might want to do a full-fledged competition and wrap it up with an awards ceremony that incorporates the major themes of the conference. An afternoon of sailing can mark the pinnacle of an off-site meeting while naturally enhancing team engagement, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

For more info about workplace team building games or how to start planning your own conference, our local insight and versatile venue can quickly get you headed in the right direction.