From Nature to Conference Table

At The Point we believe in the sustainable procurement of materials from local environments to reduce carbon waste, unnecessary consumption of trees, and help stimulate our local economy. A perfect example of this is the story of how one of the trees compromised in the great California Firestorm of 2003 is now on display as an 18 foot raw edge cedar conference room table. 

The two cedar slabs were milled on the mountainside of Julian Ca, hauled down to our San Diego location, then planed down onsite. (Yes, we made a big mess.) 

The tops have matching markings and were thus butterflied out to line up, bolted together, and carefully sanded down; afterward, any holes were filled with resin allowing a puddle-like view inside the cedar tree. 

We ordered four-inch rectangular steel tubing that was welded into three strong rectangular bases.  After welding, degreasing, and sanding the legs, we used 'Black Magic' Patina to create a chemical reaction which turned the metal black. 

Now that we had sleek black legs and a sturdy top, the final step was a three-gallon pour of resin to provide protection and a glassy finish. 

The conference table seats fourteen executive chairs and is an inspiring place to work and meet with colleagues. Contact us for more information on booking your next meeting in our innovative conference room.

Shout-outs to:

Daniel Patrick Potter, Craftsman -

Pearson Courtney, Welder and Designer -

Industrial Metal Supply -

Sculpt Nouveau for providing 'Black Magic' Patina

and our friends up in Julian, CA for milling us these beautiful slabs