Creative Decorating Tips for Company Holiday Parties

Unique Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Company Holiday Parties

First impressions really do matter when it comes to your holiday party, although the challenge of crafting the perfect ambience is easily overcome with a little creativity and by picking the right venue. With your corporate holiday party decorations, it’s also a great opportunity to showcase a little originality while also respecting the cultural traditions of a diverse group of team members. Here are a few unique corporate holiday party ideas that will help you set the tone at your annual party.

Be innovative.

A holiday party is essentially a blank slate for a manager or team leader, as there are any number of ways to find the right tone for your company. Even if you’re not particularly known for your abilities as a decorator, taking the time to think outside of the box can help you avoid of a run-of-the-mill holiday party. Would your team have more fun with a Great Gatsby or superhero-themed party than a traditional holiday event? Do you have team members who might relish in the opportunity to win a best-dressed competition? Decorating your venue with unique features and finding creative opportunities to increase engagement are simple ways to get your party headed in the right direction.

Be innovative

The party decorations themselves can also be an easy conduit to inclusivity, organically building excitement by bringing team employees into the process. If Bill from HR happens to have a talent for handicrafts, maybe he’ll be willing to pitch in by making something for the decorations, which in turn are almost always going to be better conversation starters than buying them at a store. Holiday parties can also be an excellent chance to give an innovative gift, particularly something that will help a team member’s day-to-day in the workplace (e.g. YETI cups, smart light bulbs, Fit Bits). Even if your original and fun corporate holiday party ideas and decorations aren’t perfect, your team is still likely to appreciate the effort.

Be inclusive of different traditions.

Don’t forget that the decorations are critical to showing respect for a range of holiday practices, making it important to carefully choose a color scheme that represents all backgrounds and traditions. Your team members all love the holidays for different reasons, which is why one of the biggest mistakes that can be made is trying to create a singular vision of what a holiday party is supposed to be. For certain teams, a completely non-holiday theme could make planning a lot easier in this regard, although other holiday parties can easily incorporate traditions from a diverse set of religions and customs.

The best way to include decorating traditions you aren’t that accustomed to is to simply ask for team input, allowing direct ownership of the holiday party by employees. Asking for help from the team – to an appropriate extent – can also help avoid any awkward or incorrect interpretations of traditions you’re not that familiar with. Ultimately, your color scheme and decorations should reflect the team, not your vision of the holidays.

We have a large projector screen with HDMI capabilities, and seven tv screens to display your message .

We have a large projector screen with HDMI capabilities, and seven tv screens to display your message.

Go green.

Parties often have the reputation of being wasteful, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Simple steps like buying planted poinsettias you can give away at the end of the night can cut down on the waste, all while providing a nice gift that could brighten an employee’s home or work area. The best venues should also have you covered on the tech end, letting you to use digital screens and projectors to bring your unique corporate holiday party ideas to life without the paper waste. It also can be worth it to take the time and see if you can think of any decorations or party props that you might be able to reuse next year, and many caterers will even bring their own décor to help you avoid buying disposable items.

Cornhole Celebration

Ways to keep it fun.

There are many ways to get the fun flowing if you find the right outdoor holiday party ideas. A simple step like hiring a great local band or deejay can really set the tone, although having an employee-generated playlist of favorite holiday (or other) tracks is another surefire method of increasing participation – as long as your venue has the right sound setup. Many companies also have success with day holiday events, especially if your venue has exciting outdoor options worth exploring. Not only is it easier to plan a holiday party full of activities during the day, but you’re also likely to increase the turnout for team members with families.

Wrap up.

There are no shortage of holiday party decorating ideas and tips, but the most important thing to remember is that your team is completely unique in its own way. Seeking input from others for a corporate party – especially a holiday one – can be a simple step toward increasing team engagement and camaraderie during your event, which should always be a central goal. With some creativity and willingness to incorporate ideas that aren’t part of your own traditions, you’ll be well on your way to planning a terrific holiday party.