Top Corporate Team Building Ideas to Shake Up the Work Routine

Outdoor Team Building Games For Employees

Whether you have a big company or a cozy start-up with only a few employees, it’s critical to occasionally spend a little time outside the office to maximize the potential of your team. Not only can the right offsite meeting spot provide the perfect combination of productivity and fun, but it can help employees see the business as more than just another job. With the right corporate team building games alongside a versatile venue that fits your company, you can elevate team morale and provide a memorable experience while still taking care of business. Here is just a sampling of the options available for any team looking for great corporate event ideas to break the everyday grind.

                                                                Waterfront yoga or meditation:

Waterfront Yoga in San Diego

Even if you have a few employees who have never stepped foot on a yoga mat, a waterfront yoga session can be an ideal start to a corporate event that can bring together the employees. While the more seasoned yoga aficionados will relish in an opportunity for a bayside yoga session, the novices will – at minimum – enjoy the peaceful start to the day and may even be more likely to try yoga in the future. More importantly, yoga and/or meditation can be an easy way to break the rigid corporate structure most companies are defined by in their day-to-day, which is always a great way to drum up some team comradery. By the time you’re ready to head in and get to business, employees are all but guaranteed to be in a more peaceful and focused state than they would walking into your average meeting.



Pontoon boat scavenger hunt:

Pontoon boat scavenger hunt in San Diego

Scavenger hunts in general have taken off because they tend to be great outdoor team building games, but employers can easily take the next step for a scavenger hunt that will make other companies envious. Instead of running around a busy city looking for clues, imagine skipping around the bay in a pontoon boat while competing with your fellow employees for scavenger-hunt supremacy. A pontoon boat scavenger hunt can also range from intense to very light and casual, allowing an employer an opportunity to get as creative as he or she wants to get. Though it might seem like a difficult activity to pull together on the surface, the best sites for corporate events have the connections to make it easy and affordable to get your team on the water in no time.

Also consider:

For those looking for a longer or more involved activity, a fully customizable land and sea scavenger hunt can provide hours of team-building fun for your employees with minimal planning effort. In just a couple hours, team members can try their hands at blindfolded navigation, search and rescue missions, photo hunts, and more. And if you have plenty sailors in your midst, or at least a few who want to learn, putting together a team regatta can get the competitive juices flowing while providing a memorable day on the water.


                                                                         Embrace the world of virtual reality:

Virtual Reality Games in San Diego

The opportunities are endless when it comes to virtual reality, which is why many top companies around the world are embracing the future and folding some VR fun into days of corporate team building games. Imagine shaking up your event by fighting zombies, morphing into your favorite superheroes, or flying around the world while competing with employees from the department you rarely get a chance to mingle with. Even VR naysayers tend to be converted quickly once they give it a shot, which is why including a virtual reality adventure can be the perfect way to break up your offsite retreat while bringing your team closer together. Once you’ve seen the passion for fighting zombies on the faces of Jane and Bill from accounting, your work environment will never be the same.






Lawn game round robin:

Lawn Games in San Diego

Taking a break or wrapping up your day with a few waterfront lawn games can be an effortless way to bring the team together. Bocce ball, cornhole, ladder golf and ping pong are all terrific corporate team building games that will help your group change gears while offering a chance to mingle away from the expense reports. Lawn games are also great for a wide variety of different companies, as they can easily encompass employees from multiple generations and don’t require much in terms of planning for employers and team managers. Other popular workplace team building games that go extremely well with waterfront views include darts, spike golf, Kan Jam and more, allowing all sorts of ways to cater to the personal interests of your team.  





                                               Sunset beach bonfire:

Sunset Beach Bonfire San Diego

A bayside bonfire is the type of simple activity that can melt even the most dour employee at your company. Whether your team-building day is intended to be mostly work or mostly play, a bonfire can wrap up the event in a state of tranquility that will let employees get to know each other away from a formal setting. It’s also a good opportunity to include a little team input by letting employees choose the background music, the food, or any activities that might help you finish the day on a positive note. It’s also a good setting for team leaders to pass on any final thoughts to the group that will leave employees looking forward to the next offsite work day


                                                                                     Don’t be afraid to choose your own adventure:


The best sites for team building games for employees are all about versatility, which is why team leaders want to consider all their options carefully and put together a game plan that is tailor-made for the company. If the site you’re looking at has great outdoor options, there are countless fun corporate event ideas out there to choose from that will allow you to merge your own creativity with the interests of your team. Activities like volleyball, trivia showdowns, triathlons, kickball and more can all get the blood flowing while building team trust.

Consider all of the local options in the area, include team input whenever possible, and let the professionals at the site help ensure your day of corporate team building games turns into an event your employees will be buzzing about for months. .